Peripheral Nerve Care

Keeping Your Communications Center Intact

The peripheral nervous system acts as a communication relay for the body, sending messages from the brain and spinal cord to limbs and organs. Through this system, nerve impulses travel to and from the brain through the spinal cord to the arms, hands and fingers; muscles of the trunk; legs, feet and toes; and organs.

A disease or injury at a specific point in the body can interrupt spinal-cord function and cause loss of sensation and motor function below that level.

The neurosurgeons of North Texas Neurosurgical & Spine Center are specialists in peripheral nerve care. Using conservative treatment approaches whenever possible, we can bring relief to patients experiencing persistent neurological/peripheral nerve symptoms, including those caused by:

Hand or arm problems caused by nerve compression or injury can get in the way of daily activities. To get back to your active lifestyle, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Let us help you determine if a minimally invasive surgical procedure is the right treatment option for you.